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Widening Horizons

What do our children need to develop? What does Widening Horizons look like?


  • Having a sense of where we live
  • Developing geographical knowledge of where we live and how this fits in with the wider world
  • Showing knowledge of current affairs
  • Having pride in their heritage
  • Showing an awareness of the diversity of the UK and the wider world
  • Being ambitious about our futures and what we can achieve


How can parents help support this at home? What opportunities can be created outside of school?


  • Discuss where Bishop’s Castle fits in with the wider world, in relation to both the UK and the rest of the world.
  • Looks at maps, globes and atlases to spot different places.
  • Talk about any significant events which are happening around the world (e.g. religious festivals, the Olympics etc).
  • Discuss how different countries and cultures compare to our own.
  • Talk to children about different cultures within our country and discuss different ways that we can be respectful of these cultures.
  • Read books which are set in different countries, or that celebrate different cultures.
  • Listen to world music or learn another language together.


When we see children ‘Widening their Horizon’, what do we do?

We celebrate with verbal praise and reward with a Widening Horizons sticker. Friday assembly will have a designated slot for certificates.