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Bishop's Castle Primary School

Charging for School Activities

The Governors have a charging and remissions policy which permits the school to charge for some activities which take place out of school time. This includes instrumental music lessons and board and lodging for residential trips. The school has adopted the LEA charging policy and the LEA Guidelines on Educational visits – copies of both are available at school.

If you are in receipt of certain benefits your chid may be entitled to take part in some residential visits free of charge. Please enquire at the office.

For other school activities, e.g. day visits related to the curriculum, swimming, or artists visiting school, the school may asks parents for a voluntary contribution to help cover costs. We do ask that you contribute if you possibly can, these activities are often subsidised from the school’s budget and no child is excluded on the basis of non-payment, but in the long term, activities of this kind are only sustainable if sufficient contributions are made.

N.B. A great deal of money comes in to school each day. Therefore, please do not bring money direct to the school office. The children know to use the “money box” in class for all items, such as money, which are to be sent to the office. Money should be sent in an envelope, clearly marked with your child’s name, class, the amount of money and what the money is for.